We have always been designers. Okay. It's not quite like that. But we have always been creative. We encounter creativity every day, in every place, at every hour, in everything we do. We have made ourselves designers through this ingenuity. It may sound strange, but no matter what kind of design - our creativity somehow knows no bounds.

With our handmade jewellery we want to unload our creative memory to fill it with new ideas. That's why we started to create our beautiful pieces.

We think of new things every day and we are looking forward to sharing them with you. Of course, we would love to implement all our ideas right away, but unfortunately we only have 4 hands in total and therefore that would go beyond the time frame of our working hours.
After all, we want every single piece of jewellery to be perfect (anything else would not match our perfectionism and attention to detail). We don't want our pieces to go from handmade to industrial. What we want is that they remain special. Therefore, please allow us 4-6 working days to complete your order.

What you also need to know is that we recycle "old" necklaces made of freshwater pearls that we find at flea markets and create new pieces of jewellery from them. Since we don't always find the same pearls, our jewellery pieces can vary in size, shape and colour. It can happen that we do not find any pearl necklaces at the flea market, which is why some jewellery pieces may not be available sometimes. Therefore, please give us some time to find the most beautiful freshwater pearls for you and create beautiful pieces of jewellery from them.

Since we have already come up with countless great ideas while you have been reading this text, we have to get back to work - no, we don't see it as work, but as our passion to create beautiful things - so we are not getting down to work now, but to passion and hope to hear from you when your first handmade piece reaches you.